Earlier today, I was listening to one of Lindsey Elmore’s video where she was saying how she was often criticized for her diet: too vegan, not enough vegan, too many supplements, not enough supplements, same with oils, etc. I loved when she described herself as a flexitarian, which I realized was not really an invented word, but one that seemed widespread on the web:

noun: a person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish

I am exactly that, a flexitarian! A flexitarian when it comes to my meal choices but also when it comes to my life choices. I believe one has to be a flexitarian to be in the present moment and to truly enjoy what life can offer each of us. For example, I am currently on a ‘ReBoot’ lifestyle diet but I choose where and when to deviate from it. And, by being flexible in my choices and with myself, I am on a true winning path. Not only have I lost 15 lbs of extra fat, my body and mind feel leaner and free: free of extra fat cells but also free of negative emotions.

Every day I encounter roadblocks that show themselves in all kinds of ways. These days, it is mostly with The Rolling Barber and with my YL business. The Rolling Barber (the non-profit organization that I founded in early 2018 to offer free haircuts for those in need) is running on empty and I can’t seem to find a way to find the necessary funds.

On the other hand, as much as I believe in YL products, I find it extremely difficult to share with others and incite them to join my tribe. My network is relatively small and it seems most of my close friends and family have joined YL, love the products themselves but have no wish to share with others. My pay went from $765 to $528 to only $145 last month as my members are not expanding and I cannot for the life of me find additional members. And, since I was hoping to use part of the YL commissions for The Rolling Barber, I’m stuck in a conundrum.

To be flexible is, in my opinion, to be true to yourself and others with your views and values. In this perspective, I need to be honest and say that YL products are expensive. I won’t say you are not using them correctly if you find them expensive then explain how very little goes a long way (like many representatives of other products do… Arg!). Actually, as I side note, I loathe when people break down the cost of an expensive product and end up saying, ‘so it only costs you pennies a day’. Well no, it doesn’t really. You need to make the initial investment which you may choose to put on credit and most of the time, you need to repeat this several months before it actually ‘pays out’.

Yes, YL products last a very long time because every single one of them may be diluted and spending a little more for a natural, non-toxic product makes total sense to me. Also, replacing regular products you were using with YL ones doesn’t require additional funds, it only diverts them to YL, but you are paying a shipping fee + taxes which you wouldn’t otherwise.

I do wonder, I must say, why people seem to so easily accept rhetoric from someone saying their product costs ‘pennies a day’ or ‘the cost of one coffee a day’. But, at the end of the day, I need to be true to myself and I prefer saying that it is an investment. Same goes for The Rolling Barber where I need to accept that not everyone is willing to help out his or her community.

Recently, The Ottawa Mission requested to feature us in their next impact report. They asked me what have we learned in my time with the Mission and what does it mean to us to provide these services to vulnerable members of our community. I responded that our clients from the Mission have taught us humility and the power of appreciating every moment of the present. I also wrote that, for us, a community is the sum of all its constituents. When one of its members struggles, another should be there to help. We hope our bus brings some hope to those in need.

Maybe this will help us raise funds, but in the end, I have decided to accept come what may. I will be flexible in the outcome of The Rolling Barber and in my YL business. Yes, I would love people to join my tribe* and yes, I would love people to freely donate to The Rolling Barber so we may be able to complete our second year of operations, but I have to accept that this may not be in the books and I have to be flexible enough to be ok with it and not to berate myself for it.

I love how my cousin who went through many difficult moments last year puts it. She posted this: Be_The_Person

I would say ‘Be Flexible with Yourself and Others’ and not only will you accept what comes your way, but you will also be more understanding of how you see others.


*my YL business has been put under my company name of The Writing Hummingbird. TWH is my primary business for my editing contracts. NaturOil Woman is the sub-business name which I would have liked to feature on my YL profile, but unfortunately, this couldn’t happen since my primary account in under The Writing Hummingbird. Flexibility in point haha

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