As I mentioned in my One Oil, One Use videos of Day 90 & 91, here is the YL Letting Go protocol summarized. Don’t hesitate to reach out personally to me for the full description.

It is important to be in a quiet place and setting – find your meditation spot!

Step 1. Valor Apply 3-6 drops on each foot and top of shoulders, then cup hands and breath in the beautiful strength-giving aroma.

Step 2. Harmony Apply a drop on each of the chakra points.

Step 3. Sacred Frankincense Place this oil on temples, back of neck, top of head, and over the heart.

Step 4. 3 Wise men Place 2-3 drops on the crown of the head.

Step 5. Release Rub 1-2 drops over the front and back of liver area in a circular motion.

Step 6. Idaho Balsam Fir Rub a drop on the brain stem and under the nose.

Step 7. Inner Child (essential step to achieving emotional balance) Apply 1 drop under the nose and 1 drop around the navel.

Step 8. Forgiveness Apply 1-2 drops around the navel and massage in a clockwise motion.

Step 9. Grounding Apply 1-2 drops to the back of the neck and on the sternum.

Step 10. Hope Massage 1 drop on the outer edge of each ear.

Step 11. Joy Apply 1-2 drops over the heart area and massage in a clockwise motion.

Step 12. Present Time Apply 1-2 drops on the thymus (top of the sternum) in a circular motion.

Step 13. SARA Apply 1 drop over the energy centers (chakras), navel, and chest.

Step 14. White Angelica Apply 1-2 drops on the crown and on the shoulders.

Step 15. Take time while still in the quiet, meditative space and select an oil or oil blend of your choice to enhance this process. I am personally choosing Abundance for its energy around prosperity and plenitude.

One thought on ““Letting Go” with Essential Oils

  1. Marguerite et Victor Ménard says:

    Merci Anne- interesting.


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