A few days after writing part 1, I decided to contact a nutritionist to help put me on the right path in terms of my overall health, but also in terms of my allergies and my wacky hormones. So, almost two weeks ago, I started a three-week rebalancing lifestyle of no dairy, no alcohol, no grain, and no sugar. With the amazing meal plan given to me by my nutritionist, I feel much healthier with no cravings and, most importantly, no regrets!

It’s not always 100 % easy as my family will still have the odd piece of cheese or bread, but overall, I must admit, we are all the better for this new lifestyle meal plan. I have also modified my supplements slightly by taking 1 YL chewable Super C and 2 YL Sulfurzyme with my breakfast every morning, then enzyme supplements at lunch (presently Candaclear, but will be moving over to YL Essentialzymes-4 after my rebalancing period) and finally 1 YL Life-9 probiotic at night.

I start my day with a Fat Coffee. Yes, I am finally on the fat coffee wagon haha! Since I like my coffee black, I was quite reticent to start this trend, but it has given me the fat content and energy I needed (not counting the all-important collagen that I add to it). There are many pros and cons of doing this, but rest assured that I don’t replace my breakfast with my fat coffee. I simply start my day with a fat coffee, help everyone get out the door, then make myself a sustainable breakfast.

Here is my recipe for Fat Coffee:

1 cup organic coffee
1 1/2 tbsp collagen powder
1 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp full fat coconut milk

It truly is a delicious way to get a boost of beneficial fats as well as improve my skin, joint health, and gastrointestinal health with the collagen I add.


Now on to the Soap conundrum to which I alluded in part 1 of this blog post. Soap is definitely something we use way too often in my opinion. But don’t only take my word for it, read Beyond Soap by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki or the hundreds of research papers on the subject. Many ‘soaps’ will kill the correct proportion of bacteria on your skin that lets it regulate itself and that acts as a necessary barrier to environmental toxins. Even with ‘non-stripping’ soaps, it is not necessary to wash twice a day and certainly not washing twice in a row to ‘remove’ the impurities.

Again, your face, like the rest of your body regulates itself and the oil that is secreted by your pores ‘wash’ your face completely naturally. I am not saying to never wash yourself (although some people are certainly doing this and only using water – read about the ‘no poo’ movement where people are no longer using any type of shampoo!!), but what I am saying, is to do so with the knowledge that we have been indoctrinated for years by soap commercials and ads.

I cannot tell you how frustrated I become when someone is trying to sell me on a double wash, be it for my hair or face. My face and hair look healthy (actually the healthiest they have been in a long time) and still, someone who is looking right at me, will try to sell me on the idea that I should double wash every evening and again in the morning! Why is that, if not for an extra buck in their pocket? I really do hope it has to do with the fact that they truly believe this is the best way to go about and nothing else. But please take the time to read the research. Yes, research changes, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to it. We are all learning new and better ways to manage our bodies everyday and science simply proves this.

Next up will be the amazing ‘Letting Go’ essential oil protocol I have been reading about.

Stay well and healthy and have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

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