There is SO much information out there and if you are like me, you have been on and off supplements basically all your life. I did learn a few things recently like it is best to take your probiotic at night. Now, a probiotic is made up of live microorganisms which need warmth and food to thrive. So, taking a probiotic first thing in the morning is not optimal, even if some experts still say it is. Others will say to take it last thing before going to bed, but I choose to take it after my last meal of the day, maybe within 30 minutes or so believing that the microorganisms will survive in greater number especially as the stomach’s pH is much less acidic at that time.

But apart from this, I am still a bit torn on multivitamins and how much/when to take vitamins. What about fat soluble vs water soluble one? I have always been told that if I stick with a vegetarian diet, I must take vitamin B supplements. I have been a vegetarian for over 18 months now (did have fish a few times when out in a restaurant) but as of my last blood test, I am not vitamin B deficient. I did choose, however, to purchase the super B supplement from Young Living as I know it is a water-soluble vitamin and I will simply pee out what my body does not absorb. Vitamin C is another water-soluble vitamin that I will start taking shortly (well, as soon as my order arrives hahaha). And why, say you, am I upping my vitamin supplements lately? I have been reading and listening to doctors say just how vitamin deficient many of us are, so I would rather waste a bit of money peeing out some vitamins rather than living with a deficiency.

Apart from my probiotic that I take in the evening, and my current vitamin B that I take early in the day, I also add two Sulfurzymes and two evening primrose oil supplement every day. The evening primrose oil I took to control my perimenopause symptoms, but I have very recently decided to stop taking them as my symptoms have drastically diminished since adding Progessence Plus to my routine (have a look at Dan Purser MD talk on YouTube regarding Progesterone – it’s about 50 minutes long but it is very informative).

Is there another supplement that I should take? Apart from the antioxidant drink Ningxia Red that I take every day? Well, I have just watched Lindsey Elmore’s talk on supplements and there seem to be four supplements that she just wouldn’t go without 1) Sulfurzyme, 2) Ningxia Red, 3) Master Formula, 4) Essentialzyme.

I will certainly read more on digestive enzymes, but as I am looking for a sustainable optimal protocol for my body, I am on the hunt for information of all kinds. Please share your supplement protocols as well as your tried-and-true methods if any.


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