is a website, it is also a blog, it is the story of my family’s voyage around the world, and it is now in the process of becoming a book. is my friend, but it can also be my nagging unconscious. It has beautiful stories which want to be told, but it is also personal and raw sometimes. starts when the seed of traveling as a family was planting and it still lives vicariously through us. It has, like us, gone through some tough times, but it always seems to spring back to life when necessary. It is now being guided by some amazing essential oils to build its confidence (Valor), its resiliency (Longevity), its synergy (abundance) with a side of unloading (Stress Away).

It has all it needs to thrive and… be written. 🙂 It will become my next book, my ‘seal’ to my ‘seed’. I still have months of work to edit and complete it, but I Believe in it and in myself.


One thought on “

  1. Marguerite et Victor Ménard says:

    Great-go for it Anne😘


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