March is finally here and Spring cleaning is on the mind of many… even if snow banks around our house are still taller than most middle school children. This being said, I’m in Montreal this weekend and a change in scenery is just what I needed. Best of all, it’s 5 degrees today (that’s Celsius my American friends 🙂 ).

Soooooooo Spring cleaning, for me, is now synonym with Thieves and I just can’t believe I have cleaned my house (and I’m like a super scrubber!) for years (YEARS!) with non-natural toxic products. From the floors to counters to our clothes, my family has been exposed to SO much toxicity in the past.

Just recently, I had the conversation, once more, concerning skin and the fact that people believe it is a barrier against toxins. Skin, our largest organ, is porous and very much absorbs whatever you put on it. How else do you explain, for example, hormone patches? If the skin did not absorb what is placed on it, how would the hormones in patches work?

But, we learn every day, and it is what we do with that information which is important. So please ditch those toxic non-natural, non-plant-based products and do that Spring Clean Bonanza with green products you trust.

Late next week, I will be making Thieves recipes at my place with my family-in-law. It is so amazing that so many of them are looking into changing their cleaning habits and going for Thieves products. One of my aunt-in-law just joined YL and bought the Thieves Starter kit. I can’t wait to show her just how many wonderful products she can make with her kit! Check out my recipes page for just some of my (and others in my tribe) concoctions. They ALL clean thoroughly while smelling heavenly.

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