I don’t think anyone would say “Healthy lifestyle? Nope, not for me!” 🙂 I believe everyone wants (and needs!) a healthy lifestyle, but most don’t think they have the time nor the energy to invest in making it happen.

I totally understand this as I, myself, have days of running around like a chicken with its head cut off (such a terrible analogy… especially for a vegetarian haha) and can’t imagine adding an extra task to my day, even if it is to simply fill my diffuser.

So, believe me, I fully understand just how busy everyone’s life is. And, as I was saying in my Day 82 video, this is not always a bad thing. I love to be busy all the time. I love to accomplish long lists of to-dos and always have something on the back-burner, but accomplishing a healthy lifestyle does not mean adding to your list of to-dos, it simply means to do things differently.

Let’s take a normal weekday morning. Most of us will wake up, wash, go down to eat breakfast, clean the dishes and table, brush their teeth and be off to work. What would a healthy lifestyle mean for these people? Well, it would be to use a natural face wash and soap (if using soap at all*), then possibly adding a drop of cinnamon in your morning coffee or adding a drop of lemon to your glass of water, using a natural spray for the table or counter, brushing your teeth with a natural toothpaste and possibly infusing it with orange oil for a whitening effect.

Same goes for supplements. I used to take evening primrose oil for my hot flashes, vitamin D because there just isn’t enough sun year-round in Ottawa and glucosamine for my joints. Now I chomp down on a vitamin D & C as I wake up and swallow Sulfurzyme & Omegagize as I eat breakfast. My routine is essentially the same, but I feel a thousand times better.

I wish I would have more time right this instant so I could go on as to what it means in terms of new products to add to your routine as replacement of others, but that will to go in a separate post since off I am again to cross out another to-do item on my list. 🙂

I wish you all a gorgeous sunny day like it is currently in Ottawa and hope you will take the first step in changing your lifestyle to a more healthy you. Cheers!

*stay tuned for part 2 where I will talk about soap in all its definitions

Whether Albert Einstein said this or not, I think it is safe to assume that Energy in its physical sense exists, and is relational to everything around us.

Until very recently, when ‘Energy’ was used in any way apart from its purely physical sense, it was mostly ridiculed. Even today, when we talk of ‘healing energy’, most tend to dismiss it.

I come from a scientific and philosophical background where science definitely takes the central stage but where I believe we, as a society, still have lots to discover. To me, energy lives in harmony with its environment. Why don’t we open our minds to what could be?

I think we can all agree that the mind is a truly powerful entity. Whether used for good or bad, it regulates our emotions and rationale which leads to a healthy state… or not.

Now I won’t go into scientific details for lack of time as well as knowledge, but I will copy a few extracts from other sources.

More on the scientific side:

The scientists discovered that the observed vibrations are connected with the cardiovascular system, which has its own proper movements occurring simultaneously with the work of the heart. Three types of infrasonic vibrations were registered. Waves of the first type are connected with the heartbeat; the second with the human respiratory rhythm; the third, called Traube-Hering waves, with states of emotional tension. Thus, it could be possible to judge the human emotional state via the amplitude frequency response of these waves. Phys.org

And more on the metaphysical side:

Energy is a theme that permeates many areas of complementary health care, including Reiki. For historic and emotional reasons, two key words have not been mentionable in polite academic research society: “energy” and “touch.” Hence it is not surprising that Reiki therapy has been neglected by mainstream biomedical science.

This picture is changing rapidly because of exciting research from around the world. The tale of how concepts of “healing energy” have swung from suspicion and ridicule to respectability is one of the most fascinating and clinically significant stories that can be told. reiki.org 

If you allow yourself to see some truth in this, here is a list of oils, with their frequencies. You decide whether you believe interacting frequencies can harmonize our body, but one way or the other, I hope I have opened up your mind to this possibility.

Image result for essential oil frequencies chart


There is SO much information out there and if you are like me, you have been on and off supplements basically all your life. I did learn a few things recently like it is best to take your probiotic at night. Now, a probiotic is made up of live microorganisms which need warmth and food to thrive. So, taking a probiotic first thing in the morning is not optimal, even if some experts still say it is. Others will say to take it last thing before going to bed, but I choose to take it after my last meal of the day, maybe within 30 minutes or so believing that the microorganisms will survive in greater number especially as the stomach’s pH is much less acidic at that time.

But apart from this, I am still a bit torn on multivitamins and how much/when to take vitamins. What about fat soluble vs water soluble one? I have always been told that if I stick with a vegetarian diet, I must take vitamin B supplements. I have been a vegetarian for over 18 months now (did have fish a few times when out in a restaurant) but as of my last blood test, I am not vitamin B deficient. I did choose, however, to purchase the super B supplement from Young Living as I know it is a water-soluble vitamin and I will simply pee out what my body does not absorb. Vitamin C is another water-soluble vitamin that I will start taking shortly (well, as soon as my order arrives hahaha). And why, say you, am I upping my vitamin supplements lately? I have been reading and listening to doctors say just how vitamin deficient many of us are, so I would rather waste a bit of money peeing out some vitamins rather than living with a deficiency.

Apart from my probiotic that I take in the evening, and my current vitamin B that I take early in the day, I also add two Sulfurzymes and two evening primrose oil supplement every day. The evening primrose oil I took to control my perimenopause symptoms, but I have very recently decided to stop taking them as my symptoms have drastically diminished since adding Progessence Plus to my routine (have a look at Dan Purser MD talk on YouTube regarding Progesterone – it’s about 50 minutes long but it is very informative).

Is there another supplement that I should take? Apart from the antioxidant drink Ningxia Red that I take every day? Well, I have just watched Lindsey Elmore’s talk on supplements and there seem to be four supplements that she just wouldn’t go without 1) Sulfurzyme, 2) Ningxia Red, 3) Master Formula, 4) Essentialzyme.

I will certainly read more on digestive enzymes, but as I am looking for a sustainable optimal protocol for my body, I am on the hunt for information of all kinds. Please share your supplement protocols as well as your tried-and-true methods if any.


FromOttawa.com is a website, it is also a blog, it is the story of my family’s voyage around the world, and it is now in the process of becoming a book. FromOttawa.com is my friend, but it can also be my nagging unconscious. It has beautiful stories which want to be told, but it is also personal and raw sometimes.

FromOttawa.com starts when the seed of traveling as a family was planting and it still lives vicariously through us. It has, like us, gone through some tough times, but it always seems to spring back to life when necessary. It is now being guided by some amazing essential oils to build its confidence (Valor), its resiliency (Longevity), its synergy (abundance) with a side of unloading (Stress Away).

It has all it needs to thrive and… be written. 🙂 It will become my next book, my ‘seal’ to my ‘seed’. I still have months of work to edit and complete it, but I Believe in it and in myself.


Spice up your life I say, and what better way than to spice it up with cinnamon!

Here’s a fun 2016 article on 10 Reasons You Need to Add Cinnamon to Your Coffee as well as the one from the Huffington Post to which it refers.

IMG_2061 (1)

This is my favourite mug 🙂 I brought it back from Lisbon in 2017. Fábrica is this wonderful small roaster where baristas from all walks of life serve you coffee in a very retro-chic bar atmosphere. If you ever find yourself in Portugal, Fábrica is a must in my opinion!!

Oh, how I miss touring Portugal and Spain…

No, I’m not talking about the rose oil, unfortunately. One day, I will have saved enough to buy such a precious oil, but today, I’m talking CLEANSE. A cleanse can mean many different things to many different people. Now, I won’t go into all the intricacies of a cleanse here, but I will underline a few points and the rest you can easily find on your own 🙂

    1. Everyone needs a cleanse, especially as the body ages and the toxins accumulate.
    2. It has never been more important to maintain a fully-functioning, healthy liver.
    3. Let’s focus on alkalinity – many researchers believe that most diseases can be linked to blood and intestinal acidity.
    4. The ideal program and the frequency can vary significantly from one to another. Discipline & water are key elements (and chlorinated tap water is a whole different post!).
    5. Fasting has been dubbed ‘nature’s single-greatest healing therapy’ and one can cleanse completely through fasting, but very few people can sustain this for an extended period of time.
    6. 00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190304203809148_COVERThe Master Cleanse (or Lemonade diet), which is delicious in my opinion, provides certain nutrients to sustain the body and help with the cleansing.
      • for each 8-oz glass, squeeze juice from 1/2 fresh organic lemon
      • add 1-2 tbsp maple syrup
      • add up to 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper
      • fill glass with distilled water
    1. Depending on your blood type*, your intake of this cleanse may vary.



    *This I have to read up on since I never gave blood-type related food and such much credibility.

    For more information and more cleanse recipes, see Aroma Cleanse from Life Science Publishing (Aroma series booklets).

March is finally here and Spring cleaning is on the mind of many… even if snow banks around our house are still taller than most middle school children. This being said, I’m in Montreal this weekend and a change in scenery is just what I needed. Best of all, it’s 5 degrees today (that’s Celsius my American friends 🙂 ).

Soooooooo Spring cleaning, for me, is now synonym with Thieves and I just can’t believe I have cleaned my house (and I’m like a super scrubber!) for years (YEARS!) with non-natural toxic products. From the floors to counters to our clothes, my family has been exposed to SO much toxicity in the past.

Just recently, I had the conversation, once more, concerning skin and the fact that people believe it is a barrier against toxins. Skin, our largest organ, is porous and very much absorbs whatever you put on it. How else do you explain, for example, hormone patches? If the skin did not absorb what is placed on it, how would the hormones in patches work?

But, we learn every day, and it is what we do with that information which is important. So please ditch those toxic non-natural, non-plant-based products and do that Spring Clean Bonanza with green products you trust.

Late next week, I will be making Thieves recipes at my place with my family-in-law. It is so amazing that so many of them are looking into changing their cleaning habits and going for Thieves products. One of my aunt-in-law just joined YL and bought the Thieves Starter kit. I can’t wait to show her just how many wonderful products she can make with her kit! Check out my recipes page for just some of my (and others in my tribe) concoctions. They ALL clean thoroughly while smelling heavenly.